About Vyon

  • ''Vyon International'' is a Human Resources Consultancy offering a complete range of human capital solutions. We know that a successful business relies on People and for that we bridge the gap between businesses and exceptional professionals. We assist our clients to source, hire and retain their best talents across different industries and sectors.

  • ''Vyon International'' provides leadership solutions that are effective to succeed in today's competitive market. :-

    1. Manpower & Payroll Outsourcing Solutions
    2. Recruitment & Executive Search Solutions
    3. Training & Development Solutions
    4. Development of HR Policies, Procedures

  • We at, ''Vyon International'' are committed to offer our client an in-depth industry knowledge and an extensive technical expertise in every service practice. We have proudly partnered with leading organizations in the region and successfully hired their best talents and increased their business effectiveness through our strategical human capital solutions.We’ve learned that staffing is not a numbers game — it’s a relationship-building business.